Sunday, September 21, 2014
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For Your Consideration

Those zany state lawmakers just do what they do.

For Your Consideration

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: You know, your legislature is like a bad movie in reruns: keeps playing, never gets any better.

BE: Yeah, our lawmakers just keep spinning their wheels, huh?

JB: Funny you should say that. WTAE-TV Pittsburgh last week reported on our honorables spending $5,192 worth of tax dollars on two Precor exercise bikes for their private Capitol gym.

BE: Wait. They have a gym in the Capitol?

JB: Sure. Why do you think they all look so toned and fit?

BE: Oh, brother. What else?

JB: Well, this week, the Inky added to that story by noting they also bought $130,000 worth of flags to give away and that two Philly senators, Democrats LeAnna Washington and Tony Williams, hired four, count-em, four outside public relations firms for $125,500.

BE: Maybe they need some attention.

JB: Maybe they should just go wave some of those flags on Broad Street.

BE: That would be entertaining.

JB: Oh, Sen. Daylin Leach has the entertainment thing covered.

BE: He is a pretty funny guy.

JB: Well, now you can hear the Montco Democrat on "Leach-cast." He's adding a podcast to his website that you can download on I-tunes.

BE: Rap music, I assume?

JB: It'll no doubt get to that. For now it's "issues important to you," according to a little Daylin message on his site.

BE: Those Democrats are a busy bunch.

JB: Oh, it's bipartisan. The same Inky piece noting the spending also says House Republicans spent $22,500 for a consultant to tell them how to save money.

BE: I can do that. Stop spending on consultants.

JB: And gyms, and flags and PR firms. GRRRR.




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