Florida Fun

(A brief disucssion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, you keeping an eye on Florida?

BE: Of course. I'm really worried about Chase Utley.

JB: No, no. Politics. The new Republican governor there, Rick Scott, is really shaking things up. Could be a sign of things to come. Check out this Times piece.

BE: Save me some time. Who is he? What's he's up to?

JB: He's a rich, bald, lean and mean business guy, Tea Party-backed. Spent millions of his own dough to get elected. Out to run government like a corporation. He gives his state of the state speech this evening. Here's his pic.

BE: And he's worth watching because?

JB: Because he could be the vanguard of a whole new way to govern.

BE: He's the guy who said no to all that federal money for high-speed rail, right? That doesn't seem smart, especially with gas pirces above $4 a gallon.

JB: He turned down billions. Doesn't trust the feds. Like I'm saying, a new approach. Could have national implications.

BE: Like encourgaing bad decisions?

JB: Suppose he has success. Fellow rich guy -- though far-from-bald -- Donald Trump could be encouraged and win some back-up in a try for the presidency.

BE: I see. Then the voters could say, "You're fired!" What else is Scott doing to draw attention?

JB: Plenty. Cut business taxes. Slice government costs. Privatize Medicare. Tie teacher salaries to student testing. Make it harder to sue business. Rule like a Czar.

BE: Sounds like Corbett on speed.

JB: High-speed, baby. Grrr. All aboard!