Finding Guv is Easier When Guv is Away

This is a little inside baseball but kinda fun nonetheless.

The online news service PA Independent makes the interesting observation that it's actually easier to know what Gov. Corbett is up to on a daily basis when he's out of the country than when he's in it.

Corbett, as you may know, is on a 10-day trip to South America -- Brazil & Chile -- to drum up jobs and boost the state's profile.

So look for more copper, coffee and alpaca stores opening here soon and lots and lots of South American tourists seeking scrapple and Amish farm tours.

Anyway, the Independent notes that the governor's office is putting out daily schedules during the trip that show where Corbett is, what he's doing and who he's meeting with.

The Guv even held a 40-minute conference call with state reporters Tuesday to talk about the trip.

Must be that warmer climes agree with His Excellency because this is in stark contrast to Corbett's behavior at home.

Not only is he rarely available to press covering the state house but his daily schedule is usually so secret that it's part of pending right-to-know litigation involving the governor's office and the Associated Press.

A cynic might suggest Corbett is looking for some positive coverage as an international go-getter as he prepares to seek reelection.

And an aggressive full-day schedule abroad can maybe blunt criticism that he ought to be home working the levers of government and politics on pension reform, transportation funding, his lottery effort and liquor privatization -- at a time all are taking shape (or falling apart) in Harrisburg.

Still, it's nice to know what the chief exec is up to. And it would be nicer to know the same after he's back in Pennsylvania.