Extra Views on the Vegas Debate

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: D'ja watch last night?

BE: Sorry. Was watching "The X Factor" on Fox.

JB: Sorta the same thing. Big production values. Dama, glitz and showboating. Little, if any, substance.

BE: But from what I read, the debate was raucous.

JB: All that was missing was Michael Buffer thundering, "Let's Get Ready to Ruuuummmmble!"

BE: So who won?

JB: Probably Obama. Cain got roughed up and seemed a tad soft afterwards. Romney lost his trademark cool a couple times. Perry, evidently on uppers, lurched around throwing wild punches. And the others were, well, their usual no-shot selves.

BE: Wait, how'd my man do?

JB: Santorum? He was last to be introduced. The nicest thing the opening narration could think to say about him was he's "eager to beat the odds." And in his self-intro he noted his 3-year old daughter was undergoing surgery but that he'd be on the redeye today to be with her.

BE: Hmmm. Maybe he would have scored more points by staying home to be with her. How'd the others intro themselves?

JB: Cain said he's been married to his wife, Gloria, for 43 years.

BE: Bet Newt liked that.

JB: Perry said he's "an AUTHENTIC conservative."

BE: A slap at Romney.

JB: Bachman said, "I hope what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas."

BE: Gag.

JB: And it went downhill from there.

BE: But, remember, lots of people say they'll vote for anybody other than Obama.

JB: Given the last night's performances, that sure seems to be true.

BE: Well, wait 'til Buddy Roemer's campaign kicks in!

JB: Isn't he running on a ticket with Jon Huntsman?

BE: Or is it with Gary Johnson?

JB: Ya, doesn't has to call him Johnson. You can call him G. J. You can call him Gary J. But ya doesn't has to call him Johnson.

BE: What is wrong with you?

JB: I watched the ENTIRE CNN debate last night. Grrrrr.