Executive Getaways

When the pressures of high-powered, high-profile jobs set in it's not uncommon to seek some solace.

So Friday, President Obama, still struggling to restore the economy, espcially for the middle class, and still facing obstacles on every major issue from Republicans in Congress, is skipping town for a day at Camp David, the presidential retreat in the Maryland mountains.

The "camp" has been used by every president since FDR, has had at least three different names and owes its current name to President Eisenhower who named it for his grandson and his father, both named David.

Obama is hosting several cabinet members and their families for a day in the woods and a picnic, according to The Washington Post. And I know I don't have to tell you who's paying for transportation, food and security.

I guess the cabinet room in the White House is being cleaned or rennovated.

Meanwhile, Gov. Corbett, who faces his own set of issues related to his reelection bid, is off this weekend to the posh Bedford Springs Resort in Western Pennsylvania.

He's hosting a political get together with 150 to 200 of his closest friends, advisors and donors, though it's not a fundraiser, more a planning session with live entertainment -- Chris Christie is scheduled to speak.

The Jersey guv will no doubt offer advice on how to be "stronger than the storm."

The difference between these two getaways is that taxpayers aren't footing Bedford Springs costs. The ever-fiscally-responsible Corbett is paying his own way, and his campaign manager says other guests are doing the same.

(And, yeah, okay, there's security costs but, come on, the guy's the guv 24/7.)

I thnk getaways are good, whether to a cabin in the woods or a spa in the hills. And, who knows, maybe both these execs will come back better, stronger, rested and ready.