Election Report Card & Quiz

The Pew Research Center and PBS' Newshour partnered on an interesting effort that offers both a national election "report card" and a short personal quiz that shows where you fit on the partisan spectrum.

The report card offers some rather dismal grades for all players in the political process, including candidates, press, pollsters and consultants.

Each group got overall lower grades than in 2008, and the 2012 campaign was seen as having less discussion of the issues and being more negative (by a lot) than the campaign four years ago.

The quiz offered is a list of issue-related questions seeking opinions on, for example, unions, abortion, and government's role in business and human services.

Your answers determine your place on a partisanship line. You can then compare yourself to other voters.

To take the quiz, go the site and click on "ID quiz here" just under the video of Pew's Andy Kohut.

At a minimum it makes you think about what you think.