Eddie in The New Yorker

The he's-still-everywhere-all-the-time former Philly mayor, national Democratic Party boss and PA guv Ed Rendell has his say in this week's New Yorker magazine profile of Veep Joe Biden.

In a lengthy, comprehensive piece by mag staffer Evan Osnos, "The Biden Agenda," Rendell holds forth on his friendship with Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Asked what sort of challenge Biden could make should he decide to run against Hillary (assuming she runs) for the Democratic nomination in 2016, Rendell says, "He (Biden) can't, because his political supporters and his financial supporters are all for Hillary."

He went on: "The response they would give him is `Joe, I love you, I think you'd make a fine President, but it's Hillary's time.' Joe happens to be standing in the way of history."

Eddie added that if Hillary doesn't run or stumbles, Biden "automatically becomes the favorite, notwithstanding his liabilities...If Hillary pulled out on Tuesday, I would call Joe on Wednesday and say, 'Whatever you want me to do.' And I think that sixty to seventy percent of the Hillary people would do the same."

There are plenty of examples of Biden's "liabilities," including a penchant for, let's say, exaggeration. In the mag piece, Osnos writes about Biden's recent comments related to the flap over Hillary's "dead broke" remark.

He writes, "As Hillary Clinton fended off further questions about her income, Biden told an audience in Washington that he was wearing a `mildly-expensive suit,' despite not owning `a single stock or bond' or having a savings account. (In fact, his family has securities in his wife's name, and a savings account. Tax returns show that they are heavily mortgaged.)"

Those with the time and interest can read the full New Yorker piece here.