Dems toy with Corbett

Gov. Corbett kayaks along the Juniata River, north of Harrisburg on Thursday Aug. 8. Thursday was the second day of Corbett's annual kayak voyage in Pennsylvania. (LUKE RAFFERTY/Staff Photographer)

I tend to mostly ignore the almost daily back-and-forth emailed taunts between Republicans and Democrats at both state and national levels.

But a Youtube video PA Dems put together, a compilation of TV news reports on Gov. Corbett's latest little issue, is actually pretty clever.

The issue, if you missed it, was first reported by the online new service StateImpact and has to do with the Guv (and a former cabinet member) failing to report vacation homes on annual Code of Conduct financial statements.

The news service says Corbett bought a $265,000 beachfront condo last year on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina but didn't include it on his filing.

You can read StateImpact's original report here.

The Guv's folks first said the Corbett's hadn't finished settlement on the property by the end of the calendar year and therefore didn't need to report it; but later claimed misunderstanding about the language on the form which allows exclusion of a "home or principal residence."

The Guv is now reportedly amending the form to include the condo.

But Dems used the issue to make fun of Corbett with a video they titled "Are You Less Confused Than Tom Corbett."

It shows a number of TV reports then shows the language in question, which includes the phrase "list all in-state and out-of-state real estate property interests."

Here's the video. See what you think.