Corbett's campaign schedule

Gov. Corbett weighed in on sports safety and the Penn State sanctions at Rothman Institute's Impact of Sports Conference. (Associated Press)

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a/k/a BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see that AP story on Corbett's schedule.

BE: Not yet. Been reading Ronnie's take on "Topless Moira" and still looking for pix of the faux-hooker featured in Stephanie Farr's Monday story.

JB: You've got a two-track mind.

BE: Well, both stories are more interesting than anything Corbett could be doing.

JB: Yeah, well, to refresh your mammary, AP went to court on a right-to-know case and won the right to know how Corbett spends his time.

BE: And?

JB: Turns out he spent the first four months of 2013 meeting twice a-week on his reelection campaign next year: 29 meetings in restaurants, private homes, law firms, private clubs and in D.C. and Chicago.

BE: Chicago?

JB: I don't know. Frackers? Point is, despite all evidence to the contrary, the guv seems to be taking his reelect seriously.

BE: Well, given his polling numbers and his policy successes, which as far as I can tell are so far limited to getting two budgets on time without new taxes, he should be.

JB: Most of the details of his schedule are redacted but AP also reports he spent "significant" time meeting with "big-city journalists" and doing call-in cameos for talk radio.

BE: Big-city journalists, eh?

JB: I assume Dom Giordano.

BE: So nothing juicy?

JB: Well, there was a Flyers game he attended and a private dinner party with Pittsburgh hockey legend Mario Lemieux.

BE: It's good to be king.

JB: Which is why he's in meetings figuring out how to stay on the throne.