Corbett's Way

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: That Tom Corbett sure is set in his ways.

BE: Like standing pat and saying "none shale pass?"

JB: Yep. No matter how hard he gets hammered on his decision not to tax Marcellus Shale, no matter how much heat there is on his budget cuts, he's not budging.

BE: And how's that working out for him?

JB: Like you might expect. A new poll today from Quinnipiac shows his approval rating at 39 percent, which is better than a recent Public Policy Polling survey showing 34 percent approval. But the worse news is Quinnipiac shows his negative ratings jumped from just 11 percent in February to 37 percent today.

BE: Well, he says he won't goven by polls and, in your column today on his first 100 days, he admits he could be a one-term Guv.

JB: The Guv says a lot of things.

BE: Actually, he seems pretty low-key.

JB: Yeah, but consistent. When I sat down with him this week, he didn't flinch about the prospect of higher state revenue coming in by June maybe being used to soften his cuts. Dems are saying we could end up with $300 million or more. But Corbett (a) says he doesn't believe it and (b) even if it's true, he won't use it in this year's budget. Says he'll veto anything the Legislature sends him above his declared total budget number of $27.3 billion.

BE: Seems pretty inflexible.

JB: Corbett's way.

BE: Did you have any fun with him?

JB: Well, he's still unhappy about that cowboy hat.

BE: Oh, when we photo-shopped him in a big-ass cowboy hat and a T-shirt reading "Drill, Baby, Drill" to go with your column last month about him wanting Pennsylvania to become the Texas of natural gas. He didn't like that?

JB: Nope. I wanted to greet him with "howdy, pardner, where's the hat?" But he didn't seem all that happy to see me. Then, when I was leaving, he started in on how photo-shopping deceives readers since most can't tell if the pic is real or not.

BE: Shoulda told him most of his core constituency wears cowboy hats. The photo actually helps his re-election.

JB: Yeah, except I think it's more like ball caps: Caterpillar, John Deere, Harley-Davidson, Penn State, not cowboy hats.

BE: HA! Won't be Penn State for long. Not with his budget cuts.

JB: Anywho, I told him, hey, we're a tabloid, irreverant, fun-loving. He didn't seem moved.

BE: Guess that's his way.

JB: That's my point. Grrr.