Corbett's Canadian farmergate

(A brief conversation twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a/k/a BE)

BE: I assume you're following the breaking controversy over photos of Canadian farmers?

JB: Ah, yes. The Corbett campaign caught red-handed using pix of farmers from Canada on its campaign website. Proof positive that the silly season is upon us.

BE: Oh, "proof," I get it, like a photo proof.

JB: Come on, ya hoser. What's all the fuss aboot, eh?

BE: I don't know, seems to me if one is running a campaign and touting one's affection for and commitment to farm families one could do so with photos of farmers from, if not the same state one's running in, at least the same country.

JB: Fair point. And as reported by PoliticsPA which broke the story, it's a tiny issue BUT the Corbett clan did complain in 2012 when the Democratiic PAC American Working Families hit Corbett with ads complaining about his policies that included photos of Canadians.

BE: Oh, Can-a-da. What's with all the Canadian photos?

JB: Dunno. Nicer people? More willing to pose? World leader in stock photos?

BE: Well, I see where the Lancaster newspapers note if Corbett wanted PA farm pix he could have taken a short drive from Harrisburg to Lancaster County.

JB: Oh, yeah. I can feel the Amish Country backlash growing.

BE: You don't seem to be taking this scandal, this deception, this breach, this betrayal seriously.

JB: Only because it's a STOCK PHOTO, the kind used by just about everybody who puts out stuff with photos. It's not like Corbett's website used a selfie of Corbett with the head of the Canadian maple syrup industry.

BE: You just don't know a scandal when you see one.

JB: Oh keep on yer toque on.