Corbett and Montgomery Burns

Gov. Corbett. (File Photo)

Okay, look, I'm sorry, I know this blog is vapid and unnecessary (and no cracks about, "Well, how would that differ from ALL your blogs?") but I can't help myself.

You no doubt saw results from a new Daily News/Franklin & Marshall College poll reported this week by our own Chris Brennan.

If you missed it, you can read his report here.

And it's really no surprise that Gov. Corbett's dismal polling numbers haven't much improved since summer polling.

There was one new number: about the same percentage (44 percent) of registered Republicans say they think the Republican Guv should not seek reelection as those (42 percent) who say that he should.

Okay, that's not good. But it's still very early, and Corbett is seeking reelection; he plans to announce same next Wednesday by kicking off a statewide swing in Pittsburgh.

But the number in the new poll that struck me is the one that says that 1 percent of statewide registered voters think Corbett is doing  an "excellent" job.

I think I know just who that 1 percent might be.

Apart from the obvious quip that, oh, look, Corbett is backed by "the 1 percent" made famous during the 2011 "Occupy Wall Street" movement, there's the man (okay, toon) who famously uses the word "excellent" by giving it a drawn-out, almost sinister pronunciation of "eggs..cellent."

So I picture a "Simpsons" clip of toady Smithers asking his boss, zillionaire Montgomery Burns, how he thinks Gov. Corbett is doing, and Burns, touching his fingertips together and looking his usual plotting rich-guy evil self, intones, "eggs...cellent."