Castor rethinking Corbett challenge?

Gov. Corbett and possible primary challenger Bruce Castor

In what can reasonably be called the closest thing to good political news Gov. Corbett has gotten in a very long time, Montco Commissioner Bruce Castor now says the Guv isn't the stone-cold loser he might appear to be.

Despite bad polling numbers and national political watchers rating Corbett's reelection odds a toss-up, Castor told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "I no longer think he has no chance."

High praise from a fellow-Republican who's been attacking Corbett from the right and who still says he might challenge Corbett in a GOP primary next spring.

In an interview with Tribune-Review editors and reporters, Castor on Monday said he's still interested in taking on Corbett for what he calls Corbett's failure to push conservative policies such as right-to-work legislation despite having a Republican-controlled Legislature.

But he also said he'll bide his time before deciding if Corbett is vulnerable enough for a realistic primary challenge.

“In February, I'd say he had no chance. I no longer think that. I think the governor has improved his standing with the party with his success with the liquor bill in the House. Even if it bombs in the Senate, I no longer think he has no chance,” Castor told the newspaper.

Castor lost a primary fight to Corbett back in 2004 when both were running for state attorney general. And a challenge to any well-funded incumbent would be daunting.

I've always viewed a Castor campaign unlikely to succeed. But even unlikely campaigns can distract incumbents and force them to spend money and resources while preparing for a General Election.

So this little step back by Castor has to put a little bounce into Corbett's step. At least for now.