Casey Coughs

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see that thing about Bobby Casey and the GOP plan to change how Pennsylvania allots electoral votes?

BE: You mean a Democrat is in disagreement with Republicans? That's news?

JB: No, no, you're missing the point. First, read the Tuesday Inky piece Then think it through.

BE:Okay, read it. Now I'm thinking.

JB: First, who says very little publicly about state political stuff despite the fact his name is maybe the best-known name in Pennsylvania politics?

BE: Uh, Bob Casey? 

JB: Right. Now, what incumbent statewide politician appears vulnerable in the 2014 elections?

BE: Gov. Tom Corbett?

JB: Right again. And what are state political writers writing about these days with regard to the 2014 elections?

BE: The six, seven or eight Democrats who are lining up to test the waters to run against Corbett.

JB: How do you do it? Three for three. And what's the biggest knock on that field and maybe Corbett's best chance for reelection?

BE: The knock is none in the crowd can pull the kind of turnout it would take to unseat a well-financed incumbent in an off-year race; and the best chance Corbett has is a divided Democratic party, a nasty and long primary fight and a drained, weakened nominee with no real statewide appeal outside his or her region.

JB: Pure genius. You nailed it. And, finally, who is the one Democrat with the best chance of uniting the party and presenting a credible challenge to the incumbent governor?

BE: Bob Casey.

JB: Bingo! So here's the question. Is this uncharacteristic foray into state political doings really about getting involved in a proposal that's not on anybody's front burner or does it represent a little Casey cough suggesting he might be catching a case of campaign fever?

BE: An interesting question. And next would come pressure from the national party, with promises of campaign funding, and an argument that Pennsylvania needs a Democrat in the governor's chair for the 2016 presidential race in order to keep the state blue, especially if the GOP nominee is neighboring guv Chris Christie.

JB: Cough. Cough.