(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boss, see the story about John Wilkes Booth bobblehead dolls being pulled from the shelves of the Gettysburg National Park visitors center bookstore?

BE: I did. It's gone national. It's in the New York Daily News and the Washinton Post. Guess some folks took exception to a doll depicting Lincoln's assassin holding a drawn hand gun. Costs $20. Comes in a box made to resemble Fords Theater. Pretty far out, eh?

JB: On the other hand, could open up a new market.

BE: You mean other offensive bobbleheads? Like, locally, sell Arlene Ackerman bobbleheads to raise money for schools. Or Rendell bobbleheads to raise money for anything.

JB: I was thinking of a bigger market, national appeal using the Booth model.

BE: Like Oswald dolls on sale in Dallas?

JB: Or John Hinckley dolls at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, California.

BE: “Squeaky” Fromme dolls in Ann Arbor.

JB: Timothy McVeigh dolls in Oklahoma City.

BE: Osama bin Laden anywhere.

JB: Actually, the company that made the Booth bobbleheads told the The Evening Sun in Hanover near Gettysburg that it also made Osama bobbleheads.

BE: Get out.

JB: Yep. BobbleHead, LLC. Based in Kansas city. Spokesman talked to the Sun after the Booth dolls were pulled. Said, “We’ve made probably over a million bobbleheads  and this is the first time it ever happened. So why change course? We’ve done Osama bin Laden.”

BE: Well, at least the Booth dolls are gone.

JB: Or as one historian told the Sun, "wiser bobbleheads prevailed."