Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beaver Power!

Beavers are in the news in the state capitol and a minor league baseball team has some fun.

Beaver Power!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: You're gonna love this, boss. News about beavers and baseball!

BE: Two of my favorite subjects.

JB: Oh, I know. And, in case you missed it, among the more bizarre doings in your state capital were reports late last week that the recent water/toilet crisis in the city could have been caused by beavers gnawing through a water main.

BE: They can be pesky critters.

JB: And all the rage in the Burg. So the city's minor league baseball team, the Harrisburg Senators, a Washington Nationals farm team, was quick to cash in on beavermania.

BE: A free big-teeth giveaway?

JB: Better. Free tickets to last night's game against the Altoona Curve.

BE: For anyone with big teeth, flat tail and covered with fur?

JB: No siree. These free box seat tickets were available to anyone whose last name is Beaver or who lives in Beaver, Pa. or -- and I love this part -- whose name is Cleaver.

BE: As is the Cleaver family from "Leave it to Beaver." Marketing genius!

JB: Oh, it gets better. The team offered a box seat for just $5 for anyone name Theodore, Wally, June or Ward....AND any graduate of Beaver College.

BE: Ahhh, Beaver College.

JB: Yeah, I know, but they changed the name back in `01 to Arcadia. A real loss.

BE: Now where are students going to learn to gnaw through water mains?

JB: Excellent question. Maybe they can start by practicing their Grrrrrs.

(PS: Senators lost to the Curve 8-7; no word on how the metal-chewing beavers are doing.) 

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