Be Thankful

Okay, kids, here it is: a gift from me to you.

For the duration of the Thanksgiving weekend -- which, if you're a deer hunter (which in Pennsylvania can mean if you live west of City Line Avenue) extends through Monday, the opening day of hunting season -- I will not remind you of all the growl-worthy things wrong with our government and politics.

Just as presidents pardon turkeys, I ask you to pardon me.

(And save the cracks about the similarites.)

Instead of growling, I propose a break from anger, angst and frustration over how things work or don't, replaced by a short period of just being thankful for something: family, friends, health, having a job (if you do) or even the ever-present hope that things will soon get better.

Surely everyone can find something to be thankful for, or, as Merriam-Webster puts it, some reason to be "conscious of benefit received."

If not, I at least offer the benefit of no blog ramblings to annoy, upset or otherwise bother your chances for a few restful days, or a few days to focus on reasons to be thankful.