And now 'professor' Specter

(A brief discussion between Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see Arlen's got a gig teaching at Penn Law?

BE: On what, the prinicples of squash?

JB: No, no, he's using his vast experience to enlighten the next generation of Ivy League lawyers.

BE: On how to marry women who can turn making pies into a profitable business? And how law students can buy some for extra credit?

JB: I'm not sure Joan does that anymore.

BE: Oh, I'll bet there's still a few hundred frozen somewhere.

JB: Be nice. This is serious. Former senator, major law school. Think of all the stuff he knows.

BE: Like how to shoot two people multiple times with one bullet?

JB: Again, you miss the point. He's to teach a course on the relationship between Congress and the courts.

BE: Squash courts?

JB: Stop. But I bet I know what required reading will be.

BE: What?

JB: "Passion for Truth" by Arlen Specter (William Morrow, 2000), still available on Amazon for like a buck-fifty in paperback.

BE: They can't handle the truth.

JB: Maybe not but tests could be fun: list the names of Pennsylvania counties; write an essay on how to skillfully harrass women witnesses on national TV; explain the best uses of Scottish Law.

BE: I see. So if you're a Penn Law student it might be a good idea to bone up on Arlen's career?

JB: Either that or see if you can get him to write you a recommendation to transfer to Yale.