A Truly Different Poll

Finally, a presidential poll rating the candidates as Sugar Daddies.

Yep, the self-proclaimed world's largest Sugar Daddy dating website, SeekingArrangement.com, polled 30,000 of its female members, or, as they're known, "Sugar Babies," on the question of who'd they'd rather have as their SD, Obama or Romney.

The poll was conducted in 17 large states, including Pennsylvania. It found that despite the fact Romney is 20 times wealthier than Obama (and wealth is always a plus in any Sugar Daddy competition), the "babies" picked Obama by margins of 3-to-1.

Why? More "personable, trustworthy and sexy," according to a statement issued by the website.

(It was sent to me. I was not on that website. I am not a member of that website. But if you'd like a look, here it is.)

But maybe Sugar Babies are a little more discerning than you'd think. Overall, 43% said they want "neither" Obama or Romney as their SD.

The only state where either canidate polled more than "neither?" Georgia.

In Pennsylvania, 38.3% said Obama; 9.5% said Romney and 38.3% said "neither." If you're checking my math, the rest said "both." I dunno, you tell me. Guess some Sugar Babies just wild.

Anyway, in the 17 states polled, Obama scored highest in Georgia with 47%; Romney scored (maybe that's not the best word to use in this context) highest in Massachusetts with 20.2%; "neither" scored highest in Indiana with 57.3%, and "both" scored highest in (where else?) Georgia, with 15.2%.

This isn't the website's first foray into presidential politics. In January, it endorsed Romney for the GOP nomination after news reports that Romney handed over all the money he had in his wallet ($50 or $60) to an unemployed female campaign volunteer in South Carolina.

Guess that made him, at least a little bit, her, you know, Sugar Daddy, or for that amount maybe just her Sweet'n Low Daddy, or her Splenda Daddy. You know what I mean.

Georgia, huh?