A Romney rerun?

Been watching the stuff bubbling up about Mitt Romney maybe running for president again in 2016?

Silly, right? I mean isn't two tries enough?

Still, the national polarizing forces of MSNBC and FOX are having fun with it.

FOX calls it "the 2016 rumor that won't go away" in a piece sort of pushing the possibility and noting a recent New Hampshire (first-in-the-nation primary) poll with Mitt at 30 percent and nobody near him.

MSNBC offers "why the case for Mitt Romney 2016 is ludicrous," offering, "He's no longer the laughing stock of his party, and he might want to keep it that way."

But he does seem to be getting more slightly-below-the-radar attention, some of it positive, than one might expect.

The latest comes from The Washington Post. It cites a Pew Research Center poll that shows most Americans now think Romney was right back in 2012 when he said Russia is America's number one geopolitical enemy and many, especially President Obama, mocked him.

But when Pew asked which country poses the greatest future threat to America, Russia topped the list with 23 percent. China came in second at 19. Iran was third at 16.

You might also have noticed Mitt speaking out on issues lately.

Or that some GOP blogs and such are making the point that Ronald Reagan's third run was the charm (RR ran in 1968 and 1976 before winning the GOP nomination and the presidency in 1980).

Or that Mitt, if elected in 2016, would turn 70 right after taking office -- just as Reagan.

So I'm sorta tempted, when seeing see Mitt quoted somewhere, to shake my head and just say, "there you do again."