Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Rhetorical Question

Sen. Anthony Williams asks a question almost everyone knows the answer to.

A Rhetorical Question

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: It HAS to be a rhetorical question.

BE: What does? Did all politicians graduate from Me First College at the University of Greed?

JB: Well, yeah, but I had another question in mind.

BE: Shoot.

JB: Philly Democratic state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, he who spent millions of others' money in a failed run for Guv last year, yesterday issued a press release asking, "Are You Smarter Than a State Legislator?"

BE: Wow. Talk about asking for it.

JB: Exactly. Anthony, whose official website says his initials (A.H.W.) stand for Always Hard Working (which, of course, promps cynics to suggest they really stand for Always Hardly Working), is sponsoring a contest called "There Oughta Be a Law." You can read about it on his site.

BE: There oughta be a law against such contests. And maybe such websites. And maybe Anthony Williams.

JB: Anywho. He's asking folks statewide to submit ideas for some "new laws."

BE: Yeah? I've got some ideas.

JB: Shoot.

BE: How about a law to reduce the size of the legislature? How about a law to tie lawmakers' pay and perks to the state's median household income? How about a law to limit their terms in office?

JB: To what? A quarter-century? Anthony's been in the legislature 23 years. His father, Hardy Williams, was in 15 years.

BE: How about a law limiting one family to, oh, I don't know, three decades at the public trough?

JB: You may want to enter the contest. At least one winner gets to spend a day in the Capitol with the senator, and maybe even testify before a committee on his/her proposed law.

BE: Yeah? I'd like to testify all right. I'd like to testify that I'm sick of our ruling class using our tax dollars for their plush pensions and primo health care.

JB: I could sit beside you and growl at appropriate moments.

BE: So you basically agree with me?

JB: Is that a rhetorical question? Grrr.

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