Kane top aide gone

Joe Peters, top communications aide to embattled Atty. Gen. Kathleen Kane, is gone.

Peters, a Scranton native and former federal prosecutor with what has to be the strongest resume in Capitol press secretary history, confirmed in an email Monday night that he no longer is a Kane employee.

He described his departure as "quick," with no access to his work phone, work email or contacts.

Kane, according to Inquirer reporting since March 16, killed a state sting operation involving several Philly Democrats caught on tape taking money and gifts. She's been under heavy fire since.

Kane, a Democrat, has said the investigation was tainted and cannot be prosecuted. Former state prosecutors, Philly DA Seth Williams and the lead agent on the case dispute the claims.

Kane since hired defense attorney Dick Sprague who says he'll investigate the entire issue on her behalf, suggesting media reporting on the case could lead to legal action.

Peters, a Republican, began his career as a Scranton police officer but became a federal prosecutor who worked Philadelphia mob cases. He also served in the White House under Presidents Clinton and Bush, worked as White House liaison to the Department to Homeland Security and was the 2004 GOP candidate for state auditor general, losing to Pittsburgh Democrat Jack Wagner.

He was Kane's third press secretary since she took office in January 2013.