Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Recycling center opens in DE

Waste from SE Pennsylvania will be headed that way.

Recycling center opens in DE

Inside the new recycling facility in Delaware. (ReCommunity photo)
Inside the new recycling facility in Delaware. (ReCommunity photo)

Get ready, southern Delaware and Chester counties!

Officials have opened a recycling/sorting center in Delaware, and they want YOUR stuff.

So think plastics, glass, aluminum, cardboard, paper and tin.

The facility is in New Castle, and it's a case of building recycling itself. ReCommunity spent $15 million to "repurpose" an existing facility into a state-of-the art sorting center. 

This is the magic of single-stream recycling.  All the material goes in one entrance, and big machines use physics, basically, to do the rest.  Out come bales of plastics and paper, piles of glass, shreds of plastic.

Wanna know how fast it goes? The facility can process more than 35 tons of stuff an hour.

The main customers will be in Delaware, but the facility also has contracts with Aston and Upper Chichester in Delaware County.  Several haulers working in the southern portions of Chester and Delaware counties will be bringing recyclables there, too.

So don't let those machines go idle! And don't send to the landfill what could be used again.

ReCommunity is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. and has 35 facilities in 13 states.

Click here to see a recovery facility in action.

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