Philly Compost gets new digs

Wanted: Philly food waste! 

Meenal Raval and Lee Meinicke, who last year created Philly Compost, a venture to keep food and yard waste out of landfills, have teamed up with the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education to advance the concept. This month construction will begin on a composting shed designed in collaboration with students from Philadelphia University. The structure will incorporate reclaimed materials, the roof will capture rainwater and two "Earth Tubs" to keep food scraps enclosed for mixing and aeration will be installed inside.

It will be next to the center's two-acre organic farm.

And, yes, you can go see it. A portion of the building will be dedicated to education, and educational programs will begin in the fall, says the center.

Raval and Meinicke have made this a personal mission for a while, composting in their own back yards, promoting worm bins and even collecting food waste from others to turn it into that valuable black gold. Their website includes a compost map full of information and resources -- people who want to get rid of scraps, people who want to take scraps, people in search of partners to set up neighborhood bins, you name it.