PhillyCarShare goes electric

One of PhillyCarShare's Chevy Volts at Monday's Greenworks event. (Inquirer photo by Sandy Bauers)

As Mayor Nutter mentioned on Monday's Greenworks event at Sister Cities Park, PhillyCarShare “is launching the nation’s largest publicly accessible network of American-made electric vehicles.”

And there, curbside, was one of them. In cherry red.

This is part of what they're calling the Philadelphia EV Micro-Community project, which combines the cars, charging stations and, presumably, drivers willing to try them.

The EV community has always faced the question: Which comes first, the cars or the charging stations? This project brings both. PhillyCarShare now has 16 Chevy Volts in its fleet, and plans for 20 charging stations.

For those with "range anxiety," the Volts go nearly 40 miles on the charge, and then the engine takes over, for a maximum trip range of about 350 miles.

It's all part of a city effort to encourage more use of electric cars.

You can find out more here.