Philly 'Leaders in Conservation' honored

Just who are Joan Reilly and Michael DiBerardinis?

The latest recipients of the Curtis Winsor Award.

Granted by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, it honors people for "their lifelong commitment and accomplishments connecting people with the environment at the city, state and national levels," according to the PEC.

The ceremony was Tuesday night at the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building -- also the annual dinner for the PEC.

The group's kudos for the two:

For over forty years, Ms. Reilly has worked to bolster her community and to find common ground to solve complex problems. As Senior Director of the Philadelphia Green program of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society she built a civic movement to ‘green’ Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Ms. Reilly is a founding member of City Parks Alliance, a national urban park advocacy group based in Washington, DC. She is currently the President and COO of the Mural Arts Program, using public art and the art-making process as well as innovative partnerships to gather and build community and to transform Philadelphia’s public spaces.

Mr. DiBerardinis has worked with recreational programs since 1992 and currently serves as Deputy Mayor of the City of Philadelphia for Environmental and Community Resources. As Commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation he raised over $34 million in grants, guided the merger of the former Fairmount Park Commission and Department of Recreation, and prepared and implemented Green2015: An Action Plan for neighborhood open space in underserved areas of the City in Philadelphia.

“They have devoted their careers to the improvement of their surroundings," said Patrick Starr, PEC’s Executive Vice President. "By aggregating individuals into communities bonded to their environment, they have enhanced the environment throughout this region and across the state.”

Congrats to both.

The keynote speech was delivered by Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund.