PA eagle nests take another leap

Two years ago, a June count estimated Pennsylvania had 140 eagle nests. Last year, the estimate was 170. Today, the state Game Commission released this year's estimate: 192.

The national symbol nests in 50 counties, including all five in southeastern Pennsylvania. Even Philadelphia.

Yet as recently as a quarter century ago, only three nests were in the state. A re-introduction effort was begun, and wow, did it work. Biologists also credit cleaner waters -- meaning, fish with fewer contaminants. 

“The bald eagle’s remarkable comeback is a product of sound and progressive wildlife management and environmental reform,” said Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe in a press release. “Here was a species that was so smitten by the deleterious ecological consequences associated with DDT that it was barely hanging on in the Lower 48. But today, the bald eagle is back in numbers that haven’t been seen here or elsewhere in America since before the Civil War."

Residents aware of a bald eagle nest – they are among the largest nests of all birds – in their area should consider reporting it to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The easiest way to contact the agency and endangered birds biologist Doug Gross is through: Use the words “Eagle Nest Information” in the subject field. Counties where nests have not yet reported this year are: Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Cameron, Fulton, Franklin, Greene, Lackawanna, Lebanon, Lehigh, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder, Susquehanna, Union and Washington.