Howling success? Philly gets a few more spokesdogs

spokesdog joey
Joey Bag-o-Donuts in his spokesdog cape.

Congrats to Joey Bag-o-Donuts.

And Scooter.

Both are the newest spokesdogs in the Philadelphia Water Department's campaign to get dogs to teach humans how to handle canine waste: pick it up and put it in the trash or the toilet. Don't leave it on the street to be washed by the next rainfall into area rivers, which are the city's water supply.

Scooter is the new Northern Liberties rep. He lives with Julia Vu and Gary Acers. A 35-pound schnauzer-beagle mix, he loves to wrestle with German shepherds. He can run faster than the big dogs, and he has an impressive cut-back.  His dream -- other than for world peace -- is "more parks for all and more biscuits for dogs!"

Joey is Queen Village's rep. He lives with Ellie Gibbard. A 32-pound Shiba Inu, Joey's favorite snack is, appropriately enough, Greenies. Gibbard reports that Joey is "Joey is a master of commands. He can sit, lay down, give paw, high five, spin, take a bow, speak, and roll-over." Also, he's "a world-class snuggler. He would rather be snuggling than doing anything else in the world."

And how DID he get that name? I'll bet he ate the whole bag.

Sponsors of the program include the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Philadelphia Water Department, and the Queen Village Neighbors Association.