Going geothermal: Day Two

air filter
The new equipment is in place! (That's our new-ish hybrid water heater to the right.)

I came home last night to find the new heating/cooling unit in place!

For now (the ground loop will be a few days coming), it will generate heat via an electric coil if we want, but so far the wood-burning fireplace insert is keeping us warm enough.

The guys were going to haul away the old heater and air conditioner, but they saved it for us. My husband, who has welding and cutting equipment, separated the copper from everything else (you get a better price that way) and took it to a local metal recycler.  He got  $134. Our first payback from the new system!

The thermostat is in. Some of the replacement duct work is in. We’re on our way.

Click here for a Department of Energy website explaining geothermal.  We're getting a closed loop horizontal system.