Going Geothermal: Day Three

Not a lot to report today.  Just a LOT more digging and positioning of the Slinky contraptions in the trenches.

The guys doing the work inside -- on the heatpump unit -- have packed up and gone home, waiting for the outside work to be completed before they finish the inside.

in the trench
Here's the Slinky -- tubing that will carry antifreeze -- in one of the trenches. We'll have three like this when the project is finished.

Supposely, we're still on target for being up and running by the end of the week, but the digging company also said they'd probably be finished digging today, and now that they're into it, the diggers tell us they probably won't.

They're having to alter the plan a bit.  Based on test holes, they found that the ground was soggier in one area than in another, so they're headed there.  As I mentioned before, moisture is better for heat conductivity to the antifreeze solution that will be running through the tubing.

Good thing we weren't too proud of our lawn before. It was mostly weeds.  If the replanting gives the grass more of an edge and a chance to thrive, all the better!

The one thing we lost -- and we knew we would -- was what we call Daffodil Hill, just down from the house. It is -- or was -- a sort of steep hill, and we had planted the whole thing with bulbs. But that's right where part of the trench is going.  No worries. I certainly wasn't going to get out there and try to find and dig up the bulbs, and I didn't expect the digging company to, either. We have others.