From Weavers Way to Grid

For more than 20 years, Jon McGoran has been writing about food and sustainability.

Many in this area knew him as the communications director of the Weavers Way Co-op, and as editor of its newspaper, "The Shuttle."

Jon McGoran

As of today, he's editor in chief of Philly's Grid Magazine. So we'll look for interesting things to happen.

Grid publisher Alex Mulcahy said in a press release that adding McGoran's “talent to our pages and his personality to our team is truly exciting, and will give us the firepower to cover Philadelphia's amazing sustainability scene even better."

And here's a twist: Nonfiction by day. Fiction by night.

McGoran is also the published author of numerous short stories and several thrillers.

Turns out he's an author with impeccable timing.  Or great luck.

His next book, Drift, is an ecological thriller about genetically-engineered foods,  agro-pharmaceuticals and bio-tech threats to farming and food. 

Plans call for it to be published by Tor/Forge books this summer -- when debate should still be vigorous about proposed legislation that would  require the labeling of genetically-engineered foods in the state.