For a few days, spring sprang into summer

These flowers in an open woodland next to a stream on my property bloomed just yesterday.

Wasn’t summer wonderful?

Okay, just kidding, but it sure felt like summer for the last few days, and now we’re back into spring.

My yard burst into action, seemingly all out of synch. The hydrangeas started to leaf out, and I remember that when the same thing happened last year, they got bit and blackened by a late frost.

Usually, we hear those bedspring-sounding spring peepers for a while before the ethereal trills of the American toads. But for two nights now, the toads have been in full chorus.

And, all of a sudden, the yellow flowers that line a small rill on our property burst out not only there, but all across a flood plain next to a stream the rill runs into.

I was hoping they were marsh marigolds, native flowers that are an important food source for bees and flies.

Alas, I fear they are instead an invasive species, lesser celandine. Also called fig buttercup, it was introduced to this country as an ornamental, and it began to take over.

But it sure is pretty.