A locavore not just for food

When people try to buy local, they think most often of things they eat. But what about other merchandise? Does it all have to come from China? Walking around a local craft show this weekend, I was set to pondering the value of buying things made by people who live near me and who, in most cases, I know.

(A confession up front: My husband was one of the exhibitors, so I have good  reason to think craft shows are great. But as swell as I think he is, I won't promote him here.)

I bought soap for my sister from people who live within 15 miles. A table runner for her, too, from someone who lives within 20 miles. For myself: a jacket (made within 25 miles) and earrings (made within 40). 

To be sure, many of the materials likely came from farther away.  But I don't want to make this complicated. For me, it was enough to know they were made nearby and by hand, not some giant piece of machinery.

Right now --and through the fall -- is big craft show season throughout the region. Maybe I'll see you at one of them.