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POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 12:36 PM

Yes, you will be able to play Xbox One games on a friend’s console. Yes, your Xbox One games will have some resale value.

So have shared  Microsoft spokesfolks in recent followup conversations with the media, attempting to diffuse the negative  rumors that have been driving the gamer press bonkers since Microsoft’s recent introduction of the new system.

 The game community savaged Microsoft for the multimedia-center focus of its Xbox One reveal, and for not responding to questions about software rights with this  “always connected” and “cloud computing” -centric device.

POSTED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 3:49 PM
This product image released by Microsoft shows the new Xbox One entertainment console that will go on sale later this year. Microsoft is seeking to stay ahead of rivals in announcing that new content that can be downloaded for the popular "Call of Duty" game will launch first on Xbox One. Microsoft says more games will be shown at next month's E3 video game conference in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Microsoft) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Microsoft unveiled its new game system today and it’s back to square one,  Xbox One that is.

For literally decades, it’s been Microsoft’s stated goal  to "rule" the living room with some sort of multimedia computer device. That was the big push point again today with the "reveal" of Xbox One, coming by year’s end at a price to be determined –  likely to be close to $500 given the brain power and inclusion of a fancier Kinect peripheral (stilll not built in ) with every system. While spiffier looking than past models,  Xbox One kinda  looks like an old school Toshiba VCR, if truth be known.

 The most impressive takeaway was not really the games  - though previews of the next gen, all new engine powered  “Call of Duty - Ghosts”  did look and move in a super fluid and naturalistic fashion. Microsoft's saving the big software reveal - including the 15 Xbox One games it's planning for year one - for the E3 show in a couple weeks.

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