A High Tech 'Merrily' Rolls Into Town Tonight

Love the way the Brits do theater, but hate the cost of getting there?

Make way tonight to one of the Philadelphia area theaters participating in the NCM Fathom Events closed circuit screening of “Merrily We Roll Along,” a West End London production that’s won rapturous five star reviews from critics on both sides of the big pond. Plus composer Stephen Sondheim himself , who’s touted it as “not only the best I’ve seen, but one of those rare instances where casting, direction and show come together in perfection combination, resulting in the classic ideal of the sum being the greater than the parts. “

While beamed via satellite  in high def and surround sound -  as are other  NCM Fathom presentations of concerts and this coming Saturday’s Metropolitan Opera feed of Shostakovich’s darkly comic opera “The Nose” - the show is presented with a conventional theater intermission (or two, for the operas). It’s also packed with 20 minutes of exclusive backstage content, running during said break. Not bad for $15 a head.

Don’t be surprised to see some out of state plates in the lots. The New York screenings of this show-biz themed musical are sold out – the Times critic was “frothing” over the London treatment the other day – so shut out Sondheim-ites will have to venture to the hinterlands to get a fix.   Seats are “still available” for all local showings, said a NCM Fathom spokesperson.  

The show’s on at 7 p.m. at the UA Riverview Plaza Stadium 17, Cinemark Movies 16 Somerdale, Regal Warrington Crossing 22, UA King of Prussia Stadium 16, AMC Neshaminy 24, Regal Burlington Cinema 20 and Regal Brandywine Town Center 16.

You can get more info and buy tickets at fathomevents.com.

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