Swift Tickets Up For Grabs in Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Love Taylor Swift? Aged 18 or over? Got time on your hands Thursday? A social media-fueled scavenger hunt sponsored by Swift’s pals/sponsors at Diet Coke  could be your ticket to winning one of 8  pairs of primo “Silver Tickets”  to see the girl perform at Lincoln Financial Field this Friday or Saturday.

Thursday at 8 a.m., the first in a series of clues will be revealed on Diet Coke’s Twitter handle @DietCoke.  Follow up clues will post on the hour throughout the day, eventually leading the savviest/Swift-est  to the hidden location of the cardboard treasures.

 Odds are good (nudge-nudge) these ducats are centrally located. You won’t have to travel to Willy Wonka-land (or even the burbs)  to find them.