Will Samsung Galaxy IV Impress? The Eyes Have It.


One of the least telling “teaser” commercials for a new product hit the web yesterday for the Samsung Galaxy S IV smart phone. But there might be something to the final shot, when a young boy opens the box and makes dazzling eye contact with the phone.

According to the ever reliable “informed sources,” Samsung’s next great smart phone has a unique eye tracking feature – trademarked “Eye Scroll”  -   that keeps tabs on what you’re watching and automatically rolls the text on the screen, like your own private TelePrompTer operator.  Then when your eyes  hit the bottom of a page of text, the phone magically jumps to the next.

 Samsung’s current Galaxy S III  already deploys the front camera  to watch the user and respond productively. Called “Stay Smart,” the feature keeps the screen lit at full intensity when you’re gawking at it, over-riding  the battery-save screen  dimming feature.  

For certain, Samsung’s new flagship phone will feature wireless charging, eliminating the need to connect a power cable when you place it on a special energy-conducting pad on your desk/nightstand  or on the center console in select car models  (several auto makers are adding the feature.) . A five-inch  high resolution AMOLED screen and  quad core processor are also to be touted, when the Galazy S IV  is formally unveiled March 14.

As for the loyal opposition in Cupertino, the biggest buzz right now is over a  forthcoming (June) , everyman’s iPhone made cheaper by shifting to a plastic case available in a variety of colorful shades. A fancy iPhone 5  also will be introduced to ratchet up Apple’s recently declining sales.