Rudmans to the Rescue with Philadelphia Fire Safety App

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Philadelphia Fire Safety App can be accessed on your mobile phone and computer, too.

Few mobile phone applications have the potential to save your life like the newly launched Philadelphia Fire Safety App.

Optimized for the Apple iOS and also running on the Android platform, this well organized and easy to use tool offers lots of good tips - from a  general fire safety check list to specific information on, say,  space heaters (the number one cause of fires in winter months)  and electrical wiring, You'll also  easily discover DIY advice on putting out fires (don't use water!), CPR tips plus a hospital locator. There's good advice on emergency preparedness, too  - from floods to terrorism.  And even a history of the PFD and instant access to its' radio stream - great for "ambulence chasers" and other calamity followers.

 This good job is the work of the Philadelphia Fire Department in collaboration with Drexel University's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design and Drexel's Department of Public Safety. The real "angels" behind the project are Kal and Lucille Rudman, veteran music media moguls and philanthropists whose foundation has supported Drexel and the Philadelphia Fire Department for more than a decade.

While I couldn't locate this life saver in the Apple App Store this morning, the app was available for free at and quickly loaded for action.  

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