Geek Squad Academy Hits Town

Blog Image 991498 - Takiff
Hoveirng around a high tech campfire

150 lucky local kids are getting a fast education in high tech tools and software today, courtesy of Best Buy's Geek Squad Summer Academy.

Holding forth at the New Foundations Charter School, 8001 Torresdale Ave., the two day session (which actually started Wednesday) offers courses in five subjects vital for today's plugged-in world.

Actually hitting 40 communities across almost 25 states, the GSSA project also is fueled by charity partner Camp Fire USA as a smart alternative to traditional summer camp offerings.

Most practical, participants dig into the foundations of computer programming using current technologies. And get educated in responsible internet use - from how to avoid suspicious content to handling online bullying.

Artistic types also are learning  about digital music creation software - and make some sweet tunes of their own.  Another session is focusing on techniques for shooting with digital cameras. And if that stuff doesn't get the campers running off to a Best Buy to snap up some new gizmos, the course in "latest gaming systems" just might!


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