Angry Birds - The Activity Park?

Yesterday's vague announcement of a business partnership between the Philadelphia Eagles and the developers of the super popular "Angry Birds" left us pondering  that a customized version of the casual game with a new (hinted about) Eagles character was coming. Now we're thinking something special for the Eagles tailgater set may also be in the works.

In China, the mayor of Haining yesterday announced that the nation's first  "Angry Birds Activity Park" would be opening there. And Rovio "Mighty Eagle" Peter Vesterbacka told the People's Daily that his company had visions of building "hundreds, maybe even thousands" of similar, small scale activity parks around the world. Sites in the UK are already targeted and parks would be coming to the U.S "in due course."

A prototype is already up and running in Finland, Rovio home turf, and sounds like it could be assembled/disassembled in "pop up" fashion like a traveling carnival. The playground thrills and spills include themed climbing towers with slides, animal spring riders, rope swings and sandpits.  

Yeah, all that could be a fun parking lot distraction for early arriving Birds fans -  before they down too many beers.

30 million people play free and low-cost versions of the "Angry Birds" game - mostly on mobile devices - every day. The app has been downloaded more than 700 million times. "Angry Birds" soft toys, clothing and even a cookbook are proliferating and a movie project is in the works.