Hate Tech? This Song's For You

Even the Gizmo Guy gets overwhemled sometimes by the rush of technology. But nothing like Joe Walsh, the sardonic sourpuss of Eagles/James Gang/solo album fame.

Title track of his new album "Analog Man" is an entertaining rant about how out of it he feels in the digital age:

Welcome to cyberspace, I'm lost in the fog/Everything's digital, i'm still analog/Something goes wrong, I don't have a clue/Some ten year old smart ass has to show me what to do.

Sign on with high speed, you don't have to wait/ Sit there for days and vegetate/Access my email and read all my spam/I'm an analog man.

The whole world's living in a digital dream/It's not really there -  It's all on a screen/Makes me forget who I am - I'm an analog man.

Of course, this rockin' luddite also has stuff to say about the (near) extinction of vinyl recordings - which he thought "sounded great" -  100 channels and "nothing's on" and how hyper-realistic and instructive murder and violence look on a high definition LCD TV. 

Kinda makes me want to shut off all the electronics and go for a walk. After I watch Joe perform "Analog Man"  one more time at the Troubadour in L.A., with his album producer Jeff Lynne sitting in on guitar.

Could someone help me find the front door out of here?