Sweet 'n' Sour Insights on Cirque's MJ Tribute

A promo image of the Cirque tour.

Got some great (and also some critical) feedback on my piece on the Cirque Du Soleil "Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour" show that ran in both the Daily News and Inquirer, as well as online.  Best was this snazzy video sent along by Alison Sandler.

A Wilmington, Delaware native, Sandler has been working in TV production for more than a decade. And she's a lifelong music fan. The TV talent created this razzle-dazzle backstage look at the Cirque spectacle as a writer/director for the New York-based music video channel Fuse.  Be forewarned  - if you've been debating going to see the show yourself, landing here Tuesday and  Wednesday at the Wells Fargo Center, watching this clip will probably convince you!

On a darker note, some concerned and dedicated  Jackson fans took issue with what they viewed as my perjorative  chararacterization of his death as a drug overdose. They argue that his doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter - and thus cite that as his official cause of death. Murray was found negligent for not properly supervising the artist's risky  (and requested) treatment of insomnia with Propofol, a form of general anesthesia used during operations.  We may be splitting hairs here, but I thought it fair to share the fans' slant.  



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