Play 'Mad Men: The Video Game'!

Can't wait for Sunday's Season 5 premiere of "Mad Men" on AMC? You can jump into the ad-world action and make your own, right now, with a fun and free interactive game posted on YouTube.

Smoke, drink, have sex, drink some more, land a client, feel depressed, marry your secretary, steal Peggy's ideas!

Put together by the Fine Brothers, the game combines the quaintly primitive look and cheezy scoring of  8-bit video games with the interactivity of choose-your-own-adventure story books. Both pop art forms came inito vogue after the 1960s time frame of "Mad Men,"  but do evoke a similarly "vintage," almost otherworldly aura. 

Explorers will find more than 40 video game segments and three separate endings, as you hit those moral crossroads, Don, and allign with Peggy, Pete or Betty. 

"Mad Men: The Video Game" plays smoothly  on a computer or tablet. And after you've had your laughs there,  check out some of Benny and Rafi' Fine's other fun, free stuff, like "American Idol Interactive," "50 Movie Spoilers of 2011"  and the bros' super-popular (1.4 million+ hits)  "Teens React to 'The Hunger Games.'"

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