TireVan Comes To You

Been thinking about swapping your clunky winter (or "all-season") tires for a sleek set of summer treds more fashionable and sporty? Now's the time to do it. And TireVan, recently arrived in the Delaware Valley, sure makes the process easy -  doing the job where you live or work.

As the name implies, TireVan technicians show up with a truck fitted with state-of-the-art gear  from automotive service equipment maker Hunter Engineering.

 Even the fanciest rims are protected from scratches with their "no violence" system for dis-mounting and re-mounting of tires. TireVan also has computerized equipment  for dynamic balancing, of course, plus an optional fine tuning "Road Force" balancing system which puts low profile, high performance tires under a load to simulate actual driving conditions and set up the best vibration-elimination alignment. The benefits are characterized as  "like noise-cancelling headphones for tires." 

Have nowhere to stash your winter tires? TireVan can haul them away to a temperature controlled room in their Broomall facility, charging $40-$50 a set for up to six months of storage. (No, they won't take your fur coat, too.)  If your winter and summer tires each have their own wheels, the service charge for exchanging at your location runs about $10 a tire. When sharing  wheels between two sets of tires, the swap-out/install fee jumps to around $25 per tire.

Of course, TireVan isn't just in the install and storage business. Their primary mission is to sell you a new set of treds. The guys make it easy with an online site - www.TireVan.com - where you enter vehicle information  then study up on a sizeable set of purchase options. The prices seem competitive, the accompanying install fee ($25 to $30 a tire) not excessive, given they're coming  to your location. All they demand is a flat, firm spot to do the job safely.