Sell Your iPad, NOW

Read a report that more than 70 percent of iPad owners plan on buying the new high resolution model to be announced tomorrow. If you're one of 'em, maybe today's the day to sell your current model  - to beat the rush and potential crush of prices?

You'll find lots of takers on line ( stands out for generosity)  and also at retail. Radio Shack jumped head first into the used electronics buying business laat year. And for this iPad re-cycle, more than 4,000 GameStop locations are accepting trade-ins for cash or store credit (which can actually be higher.) 

What can you get for yours? Checking out the  site yesterday, I spotted  the original iPad 16GB WiFi model with a trade-in price "up to" $160. A similarly scratch-free, "like-new" 32GB version could fetch up to $190, the 64GB version $220. Models with 3G are worth about $25 more. 

Got an iPad 2 to unload? A basic Wi-fi-only 16 GB model in great condition could earn you $235 at GameStop, while  the 32GB version was valued at $300 and the 64GB model at $340.

Models with AT&T 's globe-traveling connectivity fetch a $50 premium, but I saw no bump-up for tabs doing 3G on Verizon's network - because the on-board CDMA technology  is not usable abroad. (That scenario  could change tomorrow, with the 4G-ready models Apple is likely to introduce.)

BTW -  GameStop doesn't just buy and dump the goods elsewhere. The video game chain is refurbishing and selling the used iDevices it buys (dealing in Apple phones and iPods too) at about 1000 of its 4,000 locations. With the game marketplace shifting to downloadable titles, a bit of diversification makes a lot of sense. And bargain hunting gamers are already predisposed to buy used goods.