Recap: 'The Walking Dead,' episode 715, 'Something They Need'

This episode was quite possibly the best of the season with exception to the Season 7 premiere.  We got to see what happened to Sasha who was not only taken alive, but seemingly without a scratch.  We see how Alexandria handled the Oceanside community as well as what happened to Rosita who ran into a Savior on her way out of the Sanctuary. 

Sasha is locked in the Saviors holding closet only to be approached by David. It doesn't take long to discover why David is there. It took even shorter for Negan to deal with David once he saw what he was up to. Its hard to call Negan a Hero, but he did show up just in time.  And he even dispatched the threat to Sasha, albeit short lived.  Negan is aware that Rick and Alexandria want to fight, thanks to a certain birdy with a mullet.  It is now obvious that Negan is going to use Sasha to punish Alexandria; to make them fall back in line.  But will we see the same scene from episode 1 this season?  Is it possible that Negan will use Sasha's life as opposed to her death to keep Rick in line?  Hold her hostage, and promise as long as Rick and the others produce she'll be well taken care of?  That might work better.  Because its the continuous deaths that are making Rick want to fight.  So Negan hitting a Home-Run off Sasha could have the exact opposite desired effect.

Meanwhile, Tara, Rick and the others raid Oceanside for their guns.  Yes, you heard me, they raided Oceanside.  This made Tara feel bad, as she had to go back on her word, which made me feel for Tara.  But this step is the right move considering the bigger picture.  Rick doesn't have time to talk, especially considering the threat Oceanside could pose if provided the opportunity.  As it went down Tara still almost died.  Grandma was way willing to take Tara down and give her life in protest of the robbery and fighting the Saviors.  Cue Tara's guardian angel, although this time her actions could have been solely to save her Grand-mother.  But it went down smooth.  "No Oceansiders were harmed in the raiding of this armory."  I read it in the credits. 

Most enjoyable moment of the evening however, came when Maggie saved Gregory from a Walker.  It baffles me how anyone is still alive, but can't take care of themselves.  Thank God for walls, huh?  But more than anything I think it was telling of the difference in their survivor rating.  Not that Maggie needed the bump, but I definitely think this story is being told around the dinner table.  And Gregory, who was a level 1 Survivor, is now a .5 and that much closer to being impeached.  The last we see of Gregory, he's trying to gather his thoughts and asks someone for a ride.  He must be going to see Simon, as this had to have been the straw to break the camels back.  And you don't go to the Saviors with nothing to offer.  So what do you think he's going to give to them?

Speaking of giving people up; We see Rosita offer Dwight to Rick, who says he wants to help take down Negan - which I honestly believe.  The question is, will Rick believe him though?  Do you?  Looks like Rosita took him without a fight.  Time will tell and its funny what seven days can change.  But will next week's Season 7 finale see the end of Negan?  I highly doubt it.  But come back next week and we'll discuss what we did see.