Recap: 'The Walking Dead,' episode 712, 'Say Yes'

Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln in "The Walking Dead," "Say Yes."

This week's installment of The Walking Dead was a ROM-COM if I ever saw one.  Full of lighter moments and what could essentially be called a pretty ideal day.  (As far as the zombie apocalypse goes.)  This whole episode followed the sexploits of "Richonne" on the road hunting for guns to appease the Junk Yard Dogs.  This was clearly a tardy Valentine's Day episode.  Which makes sense.  Its the Zombie Apocalypse.  There are no calendars.   You have to approximate the time of year.  I get it.
This road-trip very much seemed like a couples retreat, right down to someone not being ready to go home and extending the vacay another day or two.  Taking time in the middle of the day to stop and smell the roses.  Several times (wink, wink).  Scavenge a little.  Romance a little.  It was balanced with a steady pace of slaughter.  Which really just got the blood pumping for more rose smelling.  Their trip had yielded meager results, when Michonne says they should go back.  Rick isn't quite ready yet. He wants to give it another day.  Can you blame him?  
It's a good thing too.  Because they happen upon a carnival with a lot of dead military in it and that means a lot of guns around.  All they have to do is dispatch the hundred or so contained walkers and it's easy pickings.  We never doubted the potential for their success in the endeavor.  There's more than one lucky occurrence during the episode, that tells you the sun is smiling on these two at least for the day.
We even got a very real moment when the two discuss the possibility of losing one another.  There's no way everyone will survive once the fighting begins.  And either of them could potentially lose the other.  Rick makes Michonne realize that the hard way in a conversation that undoubtedly needed to be had.  There was this other dark cloud in the episode when the Junk Yard Dogs tell Rick their offering isn't enough.  Jadus wants double what was brought.  Then they (The Alexandrians) will have met the agreement.  
Rosita is quick to burn the deal.  Saying screw them, "we should keep our guns".  But Rick negotiates being able to keep 20 guns; as it'll help them recover more.  We also see Rosita enlist Sasha's help in her next attempt on Negan, an invitation that came with a brand new pretty sniper rifle.  Now outside of Rosita's loose cannon tendencies the most exciting moment came at the end when Tara tells Rick she needs to talk to him.  Which means she's going to tell him about Oceanside and we'll get to see him negotiate an alliance with them as well - assuming he can get an audience with out getting killed on sight.