Recap: 'The Walking Dead,' episode 711, 'Hostiles and Calamaties'

Austin Amelio as Dwight in "The Walking Dead," episode 711, "Hostiles and Calamaties."

In "Hostiles and Calamities," we didn't get much action, but we see just how Eugene adjusts to life at the Sanctuary.  There was a brief adjustment period but he seems to be settling in well.  We overhear Negan saying "We'll try the good-cop approach.  See how far that gets us."  Which is smart.  But to be fair he did offer Darryl the same cushy accommodations.  Its just that Darryl wasn't of a mind to accept so easily.  Between the two, Darryl is made of sterner stuff.  So the fact that he took the hard road at the Sanctuary, makes perfect sense.

Now, it seems like Eugene is settling in pretty easy.  He aces Negan's initial test. Round 1 of 'prove your worth' as it were.  He gives Negan a great idea for reinforcing their defenses (i.e. the Zombie yard) by coating the Walkers in metal to literally reinforce them and protect their heads.  He's relatively quick to throw his weight around.  Although, he was unsure about how to at first, he soon adapted.  Definitely the first time in his life he's had clout. 

But as soon as I heard him starting to rattle off about his PhD and Masters and let's not forget his go to line about the Human Genome Project, I knew he was gaming them up.  Back in defense mode.  The lies are home and what will see him through.  He's even quicker to call out Negan's wives on their give us the poison pills so we can kill his one wife who's too depressed.  Without looking up from his video game he says "cool your jets red,"  never believing for a moment the poison was actually for Emily. 

Lastly, we also get some good development from Dwight,  We confirm that it was his ex, Sherry (Negan's current) wife, well ... one of Negan's current wives.  That actually freed Darryl.  She even leaves Dwight a note when he searches for her.  In a nutshell she says she left because she hopes it will help him become the person he once was instead of the person he's become under Negan.  She realizes that the only reason Dwight really yields to Negan is for her.  So with her out of the equation hopefully Dwight will be able to lead a life for himself instead of surviving under Negan.  The only thing left puzzling me is why would Dwight set up the Sanctuary's Doctor?  It seems like he's testing how easily Negan can be manipulated.  Which would prove useful once you want to steer him towards his own demise... 

I think Dwight is about to take the Littlefinger approach.

If you've been waiting for the action to pick up, it looks like you get your wish next week.  Rick and Michonne are out scavenging and it looks like they run into dead-a-plenty.  In an Amusement Park no less.  So this should be good.  Is anybody else hoping for Zombie clowns?  I'll take two please.