Recap: 'The Walking Dead,' episode 710, 'New Best Friends'

Christian Serratos and Ross Marquand in "The Walking Dead," "New Best Friends."

Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead yielded its first glimmer of hope for our Survivors, in their struggle against the saviors - as well as revealing several answers to questions recently raised.   To start.  I owe Father Gabriel an apology.  I didn't want to believe he was a turncoat.  But I did, wholeheartedly.  I gave Father Gabriel the benefit of no doubts.  I didn't believe he was in trouble or distress.  But Rick never doubted.  I didn't think the watcher beyond the wall, infiltrated Alexandria and found the pantry AND got the drop on Gabriel.  But apparently, that's exactly what happened.  This recon scout just may be the Jesus of their group.  I severely underestimated this new group.  However judging by their Zombie outfitting, they've got style, and welding skills. 

Father Gabriel is successful in swaying these Junk Yard Dogs, (that's what I've dubbed the new group) from their initial plan of allowing the Alexandrians to barter for their lives.  To convincing them that Rick and the others are the kind of group they want to be friends with.  Just as soon as Rick defeats their Resident Evil-esque creation, armed with only his wits, or Michonne's as the case might be.  But if they're willing to test, they're also willing to talk.  And if they're willing to talk, then they're willing to listen.  So things are looking up.  After Rick's slim victory, the Junk Yard Dogs agree to help him, if he and the Alexandrians agree to provide them with guns.  A lot of guns, and soon.  The question now becomes is Tara willing to give up the Oceanside?  They definitely have a plethora of firearms.  We already know Oceanside has a role to play.  But will it be sooner or later?

We got some great development out of The Kingdom.  Darryl has been staying there; as asylum was the only assistance King Ezekiel was willing to provide.  Darryl accepted only long enough to attempt to turn Morgan to action and hopefully King Ezekiel, will follow suit as well.  No such luck, even though Ezekiel's arrangement with the Saviors is becoming more and more worn by the day.  Richard senses Darryl is of a like mind and enlists him in his plot to ambush the Saviors.  But his ultimate goal here, is for more Saviors to find Richard's ambushed Saviors and follow tracks (Richard made) back to Carol's house.  Upon finding her in the house, they would find her guilty of the ambush and once they take her out Richard believes this will then give Ezekiel the motivation he needs to declare war on the Saviors.  Now Richard doesn't know Darryl like we know Darryl.  There's no way he'd go along with a plan sacrificing an innocent, even if it would get the Kingdom into the fight.  Much less the innocent being Carol.  So, in the grand scheme, I salute Richard's convictions.  He's committed to doing what he thinks is right.  Morality be damned.  A word of caution however.  Because Richard is clearly getting in Shane mode.  But never go "Full Shane".

I loved Darryl & Carol's conversation and his later conversation with Morgan as well.  I appreciate they both came to the same conclusion for Carol but for their own solitary reasons.  Morgan agreed because he identifies with Carol's desire to not kill anymore.  Even though they both disagree on the fact of one's choice to kill or not.  While Darryl doesn't want to see Carol lose herself; it's his love for her that keeps him from telling her the truth.  Because he doesn't want to pull her into the conflict, with the knowledge of the truth.  He wouldn't want her to fight when he knows what it would cost her. 

I think now more than ever it's important for Survivors to hold on to their humanity whatever that might look like for them.  Everyone must adjust to the world as it changes around them.  Similar to the Junk Yard Dogs.  They don't bother, they take.  Meaning they only hit the soft easy targets.  They don't take unnecessary risks.  But now that things are again changing, maybe they think friends are in short supply.  Sure we know metalworking and our junk maze.  But what if we had friends with electricity and running water.  Think about it, if you lived in a junkyard, wouldn't you want a friend with running water?  Especially a capable one, that can kill spiked walkers with no hands. (Worth their weight in water, let me tell you.)

I wonder when Morgan will lose it.  He's definitely close to the edge.   Closer, now that the Saviors have taken his stick.  The one given to him, by his friend Eastman, who showed him another way to live.  A way to live without clearing.  How else do you honor a man who gave his live to give you yours back?  Do you kill to get back your earthly reminder of your chosen path?  Meanwhile, the irony of Darryl receiving another crossbow is not lost on me.  Darryl, freshly escaped and reequipped has finally reached a place of inner peace.  As we've seen with other characters in the show, a character's identity is closely related to the weapon they choose to defend themselves with most.  Which is why its easy to see Morgan headed for an upheaval.  Until the time he's reunited with his trusty stick.