Recap: 'The Flash,' episode 323, 'Finish Line'

Danelle Panabaker and Grant Gustin in the third season finale of "The Flash."

Alas we have arrived. It's the 'Finish Line', and the future is now.  All in all, I was pleased watching the season's conclusion play out.  A twist here, a surprise there and the day is won!  HR is no longer with us.  He made the ultimate sacrifice.  Since he gave up Iris's location to Savitar, he had to do, what he had to do to rectify that.

It's just fortunate his face switcher now has a function that will trade the identities of two people.  Whereas previously it only changed his own face.  Looks like that last update came right on time.  Barry being Barry is no surprise.  Not to call him a pushover, but his next bright idea is to offer Savitar the family he never had in the future.  For a while it seemed as though Savi-barry was considering his offer.  Which makes perfect sense, as he really didn't have anything to lose.  He can do nothing and eventually cease to exist.  Or accept Barry's offer to help him.  Somehow.  And maybe have some sort of a life after paradox.  He seeks to be a God.  So underneath it all it, he just wants to be loved and accepted.

But when Barry asked Savi-Barry to release Kaitlyn and Cisco, he said he would, but then ignited the Philosopher stone on his way out the door to NOT retrieving Kaitlyn and Cisco.  They never said exactly what he did to it, but it didn't seem to like it.  It kind of exploded off into the sky.  But this does come back into play later.

Back at the lair, Cisco modified the Speed Bazooka into a "Speed Splicer" for Savitar.  But when Savitar tries to dispose of him afterwards, Boom! In pops Gypsy, saving him and getting him out of there.  Cisco was less than thrilled, as he was fully prepared to go out, trying to turn his friend back towards the light.  Of course, Cisco double crossed him.  So the "Speed Splicer" doesn't and when Team Flash show up to throw down, one last betrayal from Killer Frost puts the nail in the coffin for Savitar.  With Savitar foiled, and Kaitlyn having chosen the team over Savitar, time catches up with him and he's wiped from existence.

Finally, it looks like the future is now.  The Philosopher stone that exploded into the sky, caused a storm.  A speed storm.  One with a lot of lightning. A lot.  It's the Speed-force.  It's reacting violently because there's no Speedster in its self-contained prison.  At last to make amends Barry must enter the prison to bring balance to the Speed-force.  This seems oddly familiar.  But if Barry enters willingly now, does that mean that Iris's headline.  "The Flash Vanishes" is now and not in 2024?  How long can the Speed-force hold him?  Is Kid Flash up to inheriting the city?  Did any people get struck by lightning? Because you know what happens when you mix regular people with Speed lightning.  You get more flashes, and more Zooms and more Reverse flashes.  Is it me or do you also smell a plethora of runners on the horizon for Season 4?